Intensive Care Program

for Cross-Cultural Workers

Living together in community provides an intensive, residential support and care community for restoration of cross-cultural workers who are suffering exhaustion, depletion, depression, burnout or other crisis as a result of overseas and cross-cultural ministry. In this community context staff and guests live together with a high degree of interaction. The needs of the whole person are attended. Small groups provide an ideal setting for maximizing healing.

We are devoted to the care of Christ’s servants who work across cultures. We serve the mission agency, the sending church, and the individual missionary. Our purpose is to foster health, restoration and healing especially for those who suffer serious depletion, exhaustion, crisis or burnout.

Liverpool, a hamlet in central rural Pennsylvania, overlooking the Susquehanna River, offers a scenic, relaxed setting. Guests stay in the Heartstream program house or one of our guesthouses. This provides a comfortable “family” experience, including meals and group activities.

Our professional staff for this program has decades of overseas/cross-cultural/mission experience in more than two dozen countries. Staff includes: Dr. Lois Dodds, Ph.D. counselor and educator, and additional staff with extensive mission experience. Additional Heartstream counselors are added depending upon enrollment.

This intensive program attends to the needs of the whole person, by providing:

  • Spiritual care, including daily worship and healing prayer, pastoral counseling and sharing of Biblical insights helpful in sorting out issues relating to God, self and mission ministry.
  • Assessment of health status, nutritional needs and stress management related to physical health, and recommendations or referrals as needed.
  • Individual and group counseling daily, assisting individuals, couples and families to deal with issues arising from and related to ministry. Group sessions give opportunity for processing common experiences, stressors and issues.
  • Daily instruction for education and prevention relating to stressors of field life, symptoms of stress, coping strategies; communication and conflict skills and other topics related to field and organizational life. Journal writing and a variety of tools are used for enhancing personal effectiveness.
  • Recreation and rest, with daily exercise.

In general, children are not included due to lack of space and staff. If you have a special need related to child- care, please let us know. Nursing babies and teens old enough to participate in the program
are readily included.

We recognize that a two-week intensive program may be less than what missionaries need, but it does provide an excellent beginning in working through field issues, responses to difficulties, etc.

Registration and further information: Please call or E-mail Heartstream for additional information about the program, the staff, or other concerns.

Because the persons we seek to serve are from humanitarian nonprofit organizations, often with limited resources, our staff receives financial support from organizations, churches and personal donors.

We believe in the Christian doctrines expressed in the statement of faith of the National Association of Evangelicals. We believe the Word of God is the foundation for our lives and service.

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