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A Member Care Course

Part A:  Forthcoming—Foundations of Member Care

Part B:  International Perspectives

Promoting and Organizing Member Care, Philippines and Middle East

Dr. Margaret Grace Alag, Philippines

Dr. Alag shares universal principles of missionary member care and describes the movement in the Philippines and beyond as Filipinos serve in over 100 countries. She describes unique challenges and solutions they have created.

Member Care for Korean and Asian Missionaries

Dr. Elizabeth Eunjung Um, Korea

Dr. Um describes the needs of missionaries from Korea, with attention to what has been learned by avoiding errors of the Western missionary effort a century ago.  She portrays the four parties who ideally share the care as a symphonic quartet.

Member Care Development for Filipino Workers and Asia and Beyond

Dr. Margaret Grace Alag, Philippines

Dr. Alag emphasizes universal challenges of extreme stresses, hardships, wars, violence and the diversity of life situations and roles, and attends to unique challenges of Filipino missionaries and other overseas workers.

Spiritual Care and Formation

Pastors Stephen and Jocelyn Head, New Zealand


The Heads recount their own experience and discovery of why spiritual care and formation are crucial to the care of missionaries.  They explain the diversity of spiritual needs and how they can be attended to by pastors and other member care personnel.

Member Care in New Zealand

Pastors Stephen and Jocelyn Head, New Zealand


The Heads use their own journey of discovery of spiritual resources while in mission service for decades as a basis for caring for the spiritual needs of others.  They offer specific methods which enrich the spiritual lives of missionaries.

Member Care Outreach from Malaga, Spain

Pastors Richard and Susan Steward, Malaga, Spain

The Stewards share their journey in ministry and what they have learned about ministering to missionaries internationally.  They are researching and exploring ways to serve missionaries in Europe and other continents which have easy access to Spain.