Seminar Topics

Heartstream Resources staff teach a variety of courses and topics related to missions, cross-cultural life, spiritual life, human development and leadership.

We teach the following courses at graduate level. Any topics or content from these courses can be used in smaller segments, in modular form, to build a workshop or course suitable to the needs of a group.

  • Servant Leadership
  • The Whole Person–Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Foundations of Leadership (Personal and professional)
  • Counseling: The Helping Relationship
  • Human Development in The Organizational Setting
  • Process of Adult Development
  • Dynamics of Spiritual Formation
  • Group and Conflict Dynamics
  • The Leader As An Agent of Change
  • Creative Leadership Personality
  • Ethics for The Professions (Managerial Ethics)
  • Directed Studies in Leadership

In addition to content from any of the above courses, staff teach on the following topics. We want to work with you to create classes or programs tailored to your group’s needs.

  • cross-cultural adjustment process and challenges
  • stress–foundations, prevention, burnout, interventions
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • critical incident debriefing (CID)
  • human development–stages of mission life, stages of life, cycles of life
  • physical health, nutrition, fitness, psychosomatic connections
  • emotional and relational health through the use of God’s resources
  • personal growth–processing emotion, communication, gaining self-insight, Biblical
    perspectives on self-esteem, identity in Christ
  • communication skills–assertiveness, owning emotion, effective dialogue
  • conflict skills, resolution, third party interventions
  • personality studies–character transformation, personal change process, teaching and learning styles, type in children, type and stress, communication styles of types
  • team building–using personality type and other tools
  • spiritual warfare, use of spiritual resources
  • Bible study, devotional and other approaches in spiritual growth, methods
  • spiritual gifts
  • counseling skills–attitudes, basic qualities and skills for helping, selecting approaches
  • servant leadership (Biblical model)
  • community as a healing resource; making the most of the Body of Christ
  • family life, marriage enrichment
  • worship–importance, role, practice