Located in Liverpool, PA one half hour North of Harrisburg. You can relax in a lovely cul-de-sac facilitiespictneighborhood, where you can get all the help you need, including spiritual care and individual, couples, and group counseling. Designed by medical doctor Larry Dodds and psychologist Dr. Lois Dodds, Heartstrings Resources serves cross-cultural workers, missionaries, and humanitarian workers in these ways:

  1. We offer programs of restoration and renewal for international workers wounded or depleted in service.
  2. Heartstream offers counseling for missionaries and programs of restoration.
  3. We provide education and prevention programs for cross-cultural workers and agencies for effectiveness training, care and well-being.
  4. We assist agency leaders through education and consultation.
  5. We conduct and apply research related to cross-cultural: humanitarian work.
  6. Debriefing for individuals or groups is also available at Heartstream or your chosen site.
  7. Missionary Counseling
  8. Retreats for missionaries, treatment programs for missionaries, and training in Member Care at the Heart of Heartstream
  9. Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)
  10. Evacuation care, including debriefing for individuals and groups, housing, meals, and related activities
  11. Facilities available for mission and church retreats
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