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Who should come to Heartstream? 
Anyone in full time or cross-cultural ministry who is in need of counseling, soul care, and pastoral care should come.  We especially help those going through burnout or other personal crisis, such as marital issues or crisis of faith, evacuations, adjustment disorder, PTSD, and so on.
How is Heartstream different from other places and programs? 
Our programs are holistic, simultaneously helping you with physical health, nutrition, counseling, marital counseling, spiritual care, education for prevention and recovery, worship and devotions.  We believe the whole of you—every facet of you—suffers from the stress of ministry and benefits from integrated care.  In our small group, residential programs we give you concentrated intensive care while you are housed in an attractive and comfortable home.
Do I have to be really bad to come? 
No, some people come at the end of their field term or ministry career to get debriefing and re-entry preparation.  We are specialists in helping you process what you have gone through, and the adjustments that face you next.
How bad do I have to be to come? 
If you are exhausted, discouraged, and worn-out and in need of refreshing and a new touch from God, this is for you!  Anyone can benefit because the teaching is so appropriate to every person getting to know himself or herself better and getting to know God more intimately.
I am in a terrible crisis!  My world is falling apart!  Do I need a hospital? 
In this safe, trusting, and beautiful setting, surrounded by people who understand your life across cultures and the stresses of your ministry, you can make amazing progress and recover quickly.  We will assess your needs with you and work out a treatment plan that meets your needs.
What if I am really mad at God?  Sometimes I feel so angry with Him, or even think He does not exist! Am I still welcome? 
Absolutely, yes!!!  We love to help you sort out what you have experienced and what you are thinking and help you regain what you have lost.
I feel so crazy—I think I am going crazy!  I am just not myself anymore! 
We understand this because life across cultures can be so crazy-making!  Our staff personnel have experienced this too.  We can help you make sense of your experiences and reassure you of your sanity.  Changing cultures is an assault to your identity so you can feel like you lose yourself in the new place, with so many stressors.
Seeing doctors in a foreign land is so confusing.  How do I know what I really need? 
Through a system of referrals we can match you up with the physical and medical consultation you need, as part of our holistic approach in meeting your needs.
How could I possibly afford so much concentrated care? 
Most of our guests’ program fees are paid by their sending churches or agencies.  We will make every effort to help you find the resources to come.  No one on our team is paid—everyone volunteers time, energy, and even funds to care for you!
How about when I leave?  How do I know I won’t start feeling bad again? 
We will give you a comprehensive set of personalized recommendations, suited to your needs and situation—spiritual, physical, actualizing, relationship and emotional.  We will even help you with your organizational stresses and conflicts if you wish. You will go away with new understanding, knowledge and skills to keep growing.
About Our Heartstream Facilities
You may be wondering what it’s like to live here for two weeks. This info will probably help you know what to expect and to feel at home as quickly as possible.
Heartstream's program house is located in a quiet residential neighborhood. Each single will have his/her own room (except during member care training programs when two singles may be asked to share a room with twin beds). Linens and towels are provided.
We’ll all eat our meals together family-style so get those parasite/snake/most embarrassing language blooper stories ready to share with us. This group will actually enjoy hearing about it. The food is beautiful and nutritious. We follow the Mediter-Asian food choices plan.  If you have special dietary needs or food allergies, please let us know that as soon as you can.
Doing Laundry:
Yes, we want you to smell good. There is a washer and dryer, as well as supplies, on site where you may do your laundry during posted hours.
Enjoying Creature Comforts:
  • Snacks: These are provided twice a day. Coffee, tea, juice are always available. If you want to bring your own stash of snacks there’s space in the classroom.
  • TV: Not available here on the property. 
  • Library: lots of books (including fiction)
Meeting Your Computer Needs:
  • The house is equipped with Wi-Fi; however, if you are attending the Intensive Care Program we ask that you "fast" from social media and email correspondence apart from an emergency. 
  • HP OfficeJet printer, scanner, and copier are available (limited use; no color)
  • Bring clothing to layer.  Mornings may be crisp and cool, but afternoons tend to be warmer. 
  • Dress is casual.  One dress up outfit is nice for final dinner.
Finally, bring your camera! This is a beautiful place. We are delighted that you’ll be joining us, and we can’t wait for you to get here.
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