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"Our emotions, designed by Him, are powerful, as we bear His image, our emotional God! Make the most of your emotions to bring insight and healing to the world!" Dr. Lois Dodds  

the clarity podcast:  Dr. Lois Dodds - Raising Children on the Mission Field

the clarity podcast:  Dr. Lois Dodds - Pandemic Emotions 

COVID Comfort - Prelude to Heaven Music  

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In the early morning hours, Lois was alone on Christmas.  Sitting by the tree with only coffee and the Lord, these words flowed from her heart.  Lois graciously shares her reflections on Christmas Day and her delight in the gift of Jesus even if she were to become homeless.  
ADVENT: Christmas 2020 
Dr. Lois Dodds shares her meditation on the season of advent and the second coming of Jesus!  She asks you to wait with her during this advent season.  
ENCOURAGEMENT from the Field 
Even though there is sadness, you will find this uplifting, as we can emulate their confidence in the Lord.  
WAITING during the Pandemic
What does waiting produce in us?  In Part 9 of her Pandemic Series, Dr. Lois shares her prayer-poem she wrote one day pouring out cries to the Lord on the agony of her waiting.  
FEELING UNWORTHY during the Pandemic
Dr. Lois discusses attitudes and behaviors which block our access to God.  In Part 8 of her Pandemic Series, Lois guides you to find the answers in scripture to begin healing the universal emotion of feeling unworthy.  
LONELINESS during the Pandemic
Dr. Lois shares her heart and thoughts on loneliness, with the reminder that God
made us to be loved. She offers suggestions
to mitigate loneliness in Part 7 of her Pandemic Series.
LOVE during the Pandemic
In Part 6 of the Pandemic Series, Dr. Lois talks about our least experienced emotion right now, which is love. It is crucial that we re-establish ourselves in how God loves us. Watch the video and download the free paper on how we can pass God's love onto others during these challenging times.  
LOSS & GRIEF during the Pandemic 
In Part 5 of the Pandemic Series, we look at ten predominant losses and the grief each one brings. Dr. Lois presents antidotes to our grief, beginning with God’s grieving with us and His presence. This paper, free to download highlights the many resources He promises and provides during this time of pandemic and social upheaval.  
POWER during the Pandemic 
In Part 4 of the Pandemic Series, Dr. Lois discusses the need for divine power and explains what the promise of love, power and a sound mind means.  The video and paper gives direction on how to make God known to your hurting world.  
PAIN during the Pandemic 
In Part 3 of the Pandemic Series, Dr. Lois addresses the Pain from Soul Wounds and Moral Injury.  The video and the paper show how healing is indeed possible by going back to our foundations. 
PANIC during the Pandemic 
In these  times of great uncertainty, many things are scary! The fear can suddenly overtake us and escalate alarmingly.   I'd like to share this two-minute video to introduce a free download paper for you on Pandemic Panic--ten steps you can use to handle a panic attack! 
DEPRESSION during the Pandemic 
Dr. Lois Dodds shares 25+ ways to treat your own depression during the pandemic and beyond. These relate to 5 aspects of your person; spiritual, physical, actualizing, relationships and emotions. Watch this short video introduction and download the free paper below.  
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