PAIN during the Pandemic 
In Part 3 of the Pandemic Series, Dr. Lois addresses the Pain from Soul Wounds and Moral Injury.  The video and the paper show how healing is indeed possible by going back to our foundations. 
PANIC during the Pandemic 
In these  times of great uncertainty, many things are scary! The fear can suddenly overtake us and escalate alarmingly.   I'd like to share this two-minute video to introduce a free download paper for you on Pandemic Panic--ten steps you can use to handle a panic attack! 
DEPRESSION during the Pandemic 
Dr. Lois Dodds shares 25+ ways to treat your own depression during the pandemic and beyond. These relate to 5 aspects of your person; spiritual, physical, actualizing, relationships and emotions. Watch this short video introduction and download the free paper below.  

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