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2023 Program Dates
in Winston-Salem, NC  
Member Care

May 1 - 19
September 26 - October 13

Debrief Week
June 5 - 12
October 30 - November 6

Intensive Care Program
June 5 - 17

October 30 - November 11


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Intensive Program
Intensive Care Program
2 Week Program
Living together in community provides intensive support and care for restoration of cross-cultural workers who are suffering exhaustion, depletion, depression, burnout or other crisis as a result of ministry. Staff and guests live together with a high degree of interaction. The needs of the whole person are attended. Small groups provide an ideal setting for maximizing healing.

Our professional staff for this program has decades of overseas/cross-cultural/mission experience. 


  • June 5 - 17

  • October 30 - November 11

Member Care Training
Member Care Training
Member Care Courses: 3 weeks (arrive Monday of first week) 

With over 30 years dedicated to the care and training of missionaries, Lois Dodds, Ph.D. has taught graduate courses in over 40 countries, as well as in many other overseas contexts, such as U.S. embassies. 

Participants will learn how to use current resources in the care of missionaries, including conference and training information, books, and unpublished papers.Training Outcome: Participants will draft a work-paper of ways to improve the care given to members for his or her organization or field entity, based on the course content, class discussions and selected readings. These will be presented to the class.

Emphasis is given to the practical application of theories to the life of the individual and the effectiveness of the organization relating to and caring for persons. Major emphasis is given to the relationship of personality type to team work, leadership styles, communication styles, stressors and stress symptoms. Factors of influence in the individual’s development are examined in the light of stresses occurring in field settings.




  • May 1 - 19 in Winston-Salem

  • September 26 - October 13 in Winston-Salem

Counsel and Debrief

Missionary Debriefing and Counseling 



This is a one-week small group time which allows you to debrief your field or furlough time with trained counselors and de-briefers.  It is in our residential setting, with individual or couples sessions. Classes are relevant to your needs and provide tools for making sense of your experiences.  Spiritual care, worship, devotions, and discussions round out the time together. Price includes room and board.


  • June 5-12

  • October 30 - November 6

  • In addition, some requests for debriefing are handled on an individual basis

In need of counseling or debriefing for your missionary life?  For both overseas field workers and “home country” missionaries, we are here to serve you.  The staff of Heartstream Resources has decades of experience living abroad in many countries, meeting the needs of missionaries and other humanitarian workers from many locations around the globe. 


Whether you work in an urban or rural setting serving sub-culture populations in your home country, or work abroad in another culture, we can help you process your experience, debrief your field term, and figure out strategies for your recovery and growth.  We can help you assess personal issues, field conflicts, systems issues, and other factors related to your service. 


Personal, individual counseling or debriefing, as well as couples and group counseling, are coupled with classes on the most relevant topics to cross-cultural life, and to spiritual guidance and resources.  Related activities in a small group, residential setting help you find others who share your life-style and concerns.

  • Counseling–individual, couples, families, small group

  • Debriefing of field or mission or other service experience

  • Pastoral, spiritual care with Christian worldview and resources