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This series of 27 lessons:

  • Lays the foundation for Member Care Practice
  • Covers one week of Heartstream's two week graduate training and development course
  • Serves your members at the grassroots level to enhance their knowledge ad skills for increased effectiveness and longevity
  • Provides training for member care facilitators and leaders


Disc 1: 

  • About Heartstream and Heartstream Facilities
  • Who? Why we care
  • What is Member Care?
  • Why Care? Philosophy
  • Why Care? Biblical Basis
  • Why Care? Am I still me?


Disc 2

  • Stressed from Core to Cosmos 1
  • Stressed from Core to Cosmos 2
  • Universal Human Needs 1
  • Universal Human Needs 2
  • Five Kinds of Care Needed


Disc 3

  • Who Practices Missionary Care?
  • Missionaries in Crisis: Kinds and Care
  • Missionaries in Crisis: Intervention and Burnout
  • Member Care Facilitators
  • Attitudes and Skill Needs
  • Ways Member Care Helps


Disc 4

  • Resiliency: Longevity and Effectiveness
  • Resiliency: Community, Steps and Beyond
  • Why do we debrief?
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
  • A Debriefing Session


Disc 5

  • Member Care: Philippines and Middle East
  • Member Care: Korean and Asian Missionaries
  • Member Care Development: Filipino Workers, Asia
  • Spiritual Care and Formation  (all cultures)
  • Member Care: New Zealand
  • Member Care: Spain



Thriving! 2: Caring for People So They Last DVD Set

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$99.75Sale Price
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